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Contrato entre co-agentes internacional


This co-agent agreement (the "Agreement") is made on _________________, by and between __________________________ of ARGENTINA, a representative of professional soccer players, and ___________________ (in the person of Mr. _______________________ FIFA football player agent) a representative of professional soccer players, with respect to __________________________ exclusive arrangement to represent _________________, born on _________________ a professional soccer player (the "Player").

Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Nature of the Relationship:

During the Term hereof, ________________________ and _________________________ agree to jointly (I) help with the transfer or loan of the Player to professional Clubs in the Republic of __________ and in ______________, (II) assist in the negotiation of any contract between the Player and Clubs, (III) engage in endorsement and other marketing-related activities on behalf of the Player, and (IV) provide other reasonable and necessary services related to the Player's activities as a professional soccer player (collectively, the "Services"). As exclusive party to the player agreement by and between the Player and _________________________, ____________________ hereby retains right to exercise executive decision on all matters pertaining to said Services provided via the arrangement of the Agreement.

2.       Commissions and Expenses:

During the Term hereof, ________________ and ___________________ shall split commissions and pay expenses on the following basis:

a.       All the fees to be paid to __________________________ and/or to ____________________ on all commissions payable with respect to the Services will be split on the percentage of 50% between ___________________ and __________________________..
b.       Unless otherwise agreed, ____________________ and _______________________ shall each be responsible for their own expenses;
c.        ____________________ and ______________________ will keep each other advised of all matters conducted with respect to thc Services and shall disclose any and all commissions covered by this Agreement. Any compensation due to either party hereunder shall be paid by within 30 days of the receiving party's receipt of the applicable commission.
3. Term.

This Agreement will take effect upon the execution by both parties, i.e., at a time when both parties have signed said Agreement. This Agreement shall also continue in effect until _________________ in the Republic of ________________ and in ___________.

4. General Terms

a.       Each party shall forward to the other party all duly-executed agreements that result from the Services within ten (10) business days of said agreement's execution. Said agreements may be sent via facsimile or email followed by the original to be sent within ten (10) days of the facsimile transmission or email; 

b.      ___________________ and _________________ Sri shall act hcreunder as independent contractors.
c.       _______________________ and ______________________ shall maintain the highest level of professionalism in acting on behalf of the Player, and neither shall engage in any activity or course of conduct that could tarnish or otherwise damage the Player's name or the name of the other party hereto. In the latter event, the damaged party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and the Player shall have the right to continue a relationship with either of the parties hereto;
d.      _____________________ and ___________________ will at all times treat any information provided to or received in respect of the Player and the Services in the strictest confidence and sball not, while this Agreement remains in effect and thereafter, <lisclose the same to any third party (other tban to their own professional advisors, pursuant to an order of any court, or at the direction of the Player);

e.       This Agreement may not be assigned by the parties without the advance written consent of the other party hercto;
f.        This agreement shall be governed by tbe laws of the Republic of ____________;
g.       Any notices required hereunder shall be made to the address for each party set forth below.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties here to have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.

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